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Natural Portuguese Limestone Fireplaces

We have an extensive range of Portuguese limestone fireplaces with two showrooms dedicated. We have Portuguese limestone fireplaces that are made in Portugal, these come in a wide range of styles and sizes to suit all tastes. We also have Portuguese limestone fireplaces that are made in England, these form part of our bespoke range which can be taliored to your specification. 

Natural Spanish Limestone Fireplaces

If you want a slightly warmer look the the Spanish Limestone if for you, with its warmer background colour and a more random grain its a new alternative to the Poruguese Limestone all of our bespoke range can be made in both limestones come into our showroom to see them both for yourself

Natural Tiverna Stone Fireplaces

If the sedimentation veins of the Natural Portuguese Lime Stone or Pitted Spanish Limestone is not to your personal taste then the Natural Tiverna Stone with its speckled grain that makes it more unifomed and unique might be for you?

Hand Made Solid Wood Surrounds

Expertly crafted these Solid wooden surrounds are available in a vast selection of woods and stains from Walnut to Oak. Our Wooden Mantels can be tailored to your exact specification. With our without detailing and you can mix and match the features of each surround to suit your taste.

Marble Surrounds

We have an excellent range of Marble fireplaces. in a host of colours. As part of our besopke range they can be made to almost any design

Please note this is just a small selection of Fireplaces that we do, please come into the showroom to see our full range


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Alpha Marble Fireplace   The Alpha Marble Fireplace is crafted from the finest two-t..

The Ambassador Natural Portuguese Lime Stone Fireplace    This is one of our f..

Appledore Electric Suite The Appledore Electric Suite is made from MDF, it can be floor mount..

The Aztec Marble Fireplace With its sleek lines the Aztec is a truly stunning fireplace,..
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The Aztec Plus Marble Fireplace With its sleek lines the Aztec Plus is a truly stunning ..

The Beaumont Marble Fireplace Range The Beaumont Marble Fireplace is available with ..
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The Bedrock Black Granite Fireplace The Bedrock Black Granite Fireplace shown here in th..

Bedrock Natural Portuguese Lime Stone Fireplace The Bedrock Fireplace is one of a range of ou..

Bellagio Electric Fire The Bellagio Hang on the wall Electric Fire is a self-contained s..

Bellamy Natural Portuguese Limestone Fireplace shown is a 48" version but as part of Fir..

Beringer Natural Stone Fireplace The Beringer Stone Fireplace is available in Natural Pi..

Blenheim Marble Fieplace Black & White Showin in Blizzard White Marble with a Black ..

Blenheim Marble Fireplace Cream Shown in Moondance Marble with a Cream Sparkle Inlay on ..

Brigadier Natural Stone Fireplace The Brigadier Natural Stone Fireplace is available in ..

Brittany Natural Stone Fireplace the Brittany shown here in Natural Portuguese Limestone..

Buckingham Marble Fireplace The Buckingham Marble fireplace is available in a huge range..

Carterton Natural Stone Fireplace For a very impressive statement for your room then the Cart..

Centurion Natural Stone Fireplace With its rounded columns and waterfall hearth the Cent..

Chamsford Marble Fireplace   The Chamsford has a Double stepped Straight Mantle shel..

Charlotte Marble Fireplace The curved arch of this surround gently catch the eye and..

The Chatsworth Marble Fireplace avaibale in a 48" or 54" as Standard however... This..

Chelsea Marble Fireplace   The Chelsea has a Curved Mantle shelf and Curved Hearth ..

Cirencester Natural Stone Fireplace The Cirencester Natural Stone Fireplace is part of the be..

Cleaverly Marble Fireplace   The Cleaverly Marble Fireplace is crafted from the fine..

Cleo Marble Fireplace   The Cleo with Dove Grey Inlay Comes with LED down light..

Concertina Natural Stone Fireplace   The Concertina is within our Bespoke Range, so ..

  The Corsham Marble Fireplace Minimalist version of the Olivia with just..

Cube Natural Stone Fireplace The cube is one of the simplest fireplaces we produce as its par..

Curve Marble Fireplace An elegant contemporary design with an extravagant gentle curve o..

Curved Beam   The Curved Beam is part of the heritage range, suitable for use with w..
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