Fires & Fireplaces


Openings & Fire Bricks

Please note every chimney is different however if the property is over 30 years old then a “Builders Opening” was approx. 3ft x 3ft and we hope to be able to open it up to this size.

However, it is called a builders opening because it depends on that builder to what size it is, but the rule of thumb is 3ft x 3ft.

The fire you have purchased may not require this big of a hole but 3ft x 3ft is normally the maximum the hole can be achieved.

Once knocked out you will be left with a hole for approx. 4-5 weeks while the fireplace is made. You can cover this with a sheet or a piece of furniture if you should wish. But there will be an ugly hole. Once the fireplace is installed it will look beautiful for the foreseeable however you will have this interim state.

Knocking out may only take a couple of hours or could take all day depending on what the builder did or what others have done since.

Your fireplace might have a Fire brick/chair brick that needs to be removed (this might not be discovered until the day of installation) So it is good practice to please read our notes about the rubble/rubbish and dust.

Rubbish & Rubble

Our installer will not take the rubbish/rubble away as they do not have a waste license, They will, however, put it all in rubble bags for you so you can take it down to the Household Recycle Centre a.k.a. the tip for free. Or if you have a skip and would like them to put it in there they will. whatever suits you best.


The installers can undertake small areas of plastering which is normally an extra £180.00 but they would need to know in advance. however, plastering is not their main profession.

Outside Chinmney

If you have a chimney that has been built on the outside of your house then it is recommended that you have a flue liner fitted this will help your chimney draw in cold weather, otherwise, your gas fire might take several attempts to light or might cut out.

Flue Liners

If having a flue liner fitted for gas or solid fuel, prices are always quoted on the assumption that they can be accessed safely by ladder. If this is not the case then a scaffolding tower or cherry picker would be required at an additional cost.

Thatched Properties

Our insurance does not cover us from working on thatched roofs for that reason we do not install flue liners on these properties.

Dust & Dust Sheets

Please note knocking out can be a dusty job as such the installer will normally open as many windows as possible (even in the middle of winter) unless you ask them not to. The installers will dust sheet the floor where they are working but do not cover the whole room. (e.g. your furniture) If you require the room to be covered you would need to do this the night before or move furniture out of the room.


The installers can cut your carpet if required however they are not carpet fitters and do not have all the tools associated with it. They can either cut it neatly or cut it with excess for a professional carpet fitter to fit at a later date. The installers do not get involved with patching your carpet.

If you are ordering one of our bespoke fireplaces then the hearth can be made to your existing flooring cut-out size.

If you require this service please talk to our sales staff. Please note if it is not listed on your invoice then it will only come with the hearth that is standard to that fireplace.

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas)

Please note all fires come Natural gas (Mains gas unless otherwise specified) If you require LPG please make sure it is stated on your invoice.

Fires & Fireplaces will not supply you with the LPG bottles these would need to be purchased from your preferred gas supplier and they would need to be there for the day of installation. The normal setup is 2 x 47kg bottles with an automatic changeover valve and pigtails. The pigtails and change-over valve can be supplied by our fitter for £300 fitted. But they will need to know in advance.