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Why heat your whole house when you only use two rooms?

Save some money on your Utility Bills this year

Save some money on your utility bills this year

Why are you heating your whole house to high temperatures when you are only using 2 rooms?

The two main rooms most people use are the kitchen and the living room

Our suggestion, most properties now a days have central heating with individual thermostats on each radiator?

To save money this year, turn your thermostats down to a modest temperature. No-one wants to come home to a cold house but at the same time does the hall way need to be tropical temperture?

Your Kitchen will heat up automatically by using your oven and cooker then use a high efficiency gas fire in the living room to keep you toasty warm

Yes it will be some-what cooler when you go to “powder your nose” and your bedrooms will be cooler, but no-one wants a hot bedroom and you have your duvet to keep you warm.


Do you have a gas fire?

If yes, how old is it? If it’s over 5 years old there is a good chance it’s NOT High Efficiency
If no, is now the time to get one ?

High-efficiency glass-fronted gas fires are between 80% – 89% efficient and cost approximately 0.49p per hour to create 4kW of heat. How can you equate this: a 1200mm x 600mm double radiator creates approximately 2kW a good size room would have two double radiators that’s 4kWs.

Our high-efficiency gas fires can create that heat on their own on their maximum level they are of course adjustable (approximately 1.4kW – 4kW ) and some have the option of thermostatic remote controls (please ask for more information).

Come into the showroom for your FREE Gas Fire Efficiency Check

Just bring with you the gas fires owner’s manual of the fire you have or if you are unable to locate that then please take a photo of your fire and we will do our best to identify it.