Highgrove Fireplace

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Highgrove Fireplace

The Highgrove is a beautifully elegant fireplace with a small splash is bling with its sparkly quartz inlay that is available in: Cream, White, Black or Grey (shown in White)

This can compliment 1 of the 13 Marble colours the Highgrove is available in (shown in Moondance Marble)

Highgrove Fireplace


A part of the bespoke range the Highgrove can be changed to suit your personal style

if the Sparkly Quartz “Bling” is not to your taste then we will simply make one for you without

Shown with LED downlights, again these are optional. if you do decide to have them, they are on a sensor so can easily be turned on or off

As part of our bespoke range we can also make matching furniture, for instance, shown above is a matching Mirror

we also have Coffee Tables and Lamp Tables to match


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