Bedrock Fireplace

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Bedrock Fireplace

The Bedrock Fireplace is part of our our Bespoke range, this means is can be made to your requirements if needed

currently shown in Portuguese Limestone with the sedimentation lines, however it is available in a total of 6 different matt stones or 13 Different shinny marbles all at the same price

We can make the Bedrock design in different shaped arches the straight arch (as shown) is the Bedrock for the Rounded Arch please see our “Rio Fireplace” or for the Gothic Arched version please see the “Gothic Fireplace” all at the same price

Shown in a 48″ wide version however we can make it any size you would like

Bedrock Fireplace


The fireplaces as you see them are merely examples of the work we can do, we can make fireplaces to your unique requirements in a range of different materials and colours

The current size of the Bedrock’s are as follows


40″ Wide x 37″ High

44″ Wide x 37″ High

48″ Wide x 41″ High

54″ Wide x 42″ High

But as said they can be made any size, for more information on what we can do either come and see us or phone us on 01793 854100

as with all our Bespoke range Fireplaces LED Sensor Down Lights are available

We can also make matching Mirrors, Coffee Tables, Lamp Tables, Pedestals and Surround Sound Speaker stands in the Matching material if wanted?


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