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Trident Electric Suite

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Trident Electric Suite

The Trident Electric Fire Range is a versatile range that could compliment any home
it is available in 3 sizes:
43″ W x 17″ H x 12″ D
65″ W x 17″ H x 12″ D
75″ W x 17″ H x 12″ D
The Trident range come as Front View, 2 Sided or Through-view (3 Sided) as standard due to the blanking plated that are pre-installed on the fires, every fire is front view however if you would like it to be a 2 sided you simply unscrew the right or left blanking plate, if you want it to be a Through-view fire (3 sided) then you remove both blanking panels

We have the Trident 43″ Through-view (3 Sided) with the Modular 3 White & Grey on display within our Royal Wootton Bassett Showroom

Trident Electric Suite


The Trident Fire can also come as a Modular system that is made of lightweight aluminium
these can be in off-white or Grey, or a mixture
It can be floor-mounted or Wall-mounted
The modular system is only available on the 43″ model and requires the fire to be the through-view model (3 Sided)

The modular base is 71″ W x 14.5″ H x 15″ Deep
The top block Modular sections are: 53.5″ w x 14″ H x 13″ D
and there is a 2″ H black section between each top block

The Trident has basic Alexa & Google Assist functions and basic Manual control on the fire
For more in-depth functionality you use the Thermostatic Remote Control & you can download the Free App

The Trident has: Top Lights, Under-bed Light, Rear Lights & Log Lights all of these can controlled separately
you can change the colour, Brightness & Speed all from the remote or App

The Trident comes with REAL LOGS at NO EXTRA COST


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In Our Showroom