Beaumont 3 Fireplace

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Beaumont 3 Fireplace


The Beaumont 3 is a simple yet elegant fireplace it has a understated chamfer on the inner lip

shown in Moondance Marble

The Beaumont 3 is part of our bespoke range so can be made to your specification in size, design and colour

Beaumont 3 Fireplace


As part of the bespoke range the Fireplace can come in a choice of 5 Different matt stones or 13 different shiny marbles

Sensor LED downlights are also available if you would like.

Matching Mirror, Coffee Tables & Lamp Tables are available to compliment the fireplace

Shown with the Emperor Infinity Electric Fire, but it can be made to fit any fire

Version shown is 54″ Wide x 41¼” High (1372mm x 1050mm)


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