Spectal Infinity Electic Fire


Spectal Infinity Electric Fire

The Spectal Electric Fire is an inset (Hole in the wall) Fire this means it must be built in to a chimney or false chimney breast

The Spectal inset range come as Infinity fires so that you can plaster directly up to the fire making a striking designer statement. Whether it's a luxurious living room, a stylish study or beautiful bedroom this fire can be cusomised with matching accessories

The designer fire heats your room on command from the remote control. With two adjustable heat settings, you can create the perfect atmosphere for every situation. Simply plug in your Spectal Electric and instantly enjoy the inviting glow created by warm multi-tonal LED flame-effect technology. or...... if you are feeling chilled out you can change the flame effect colour at the touch of a button to a striking blue flame (Brilliant for warm summers evenings

Finish choices: Infinity.

Fuel bed effect: White Pebbles, Black Coals, Ice Chunks or Cystals

Max Heat output almost 2Kw

Remote Control



Spectal Infinity Electric Fire (Hole in The Wall)
Model Overall Dimensions Visable Area Price
Spectal 1000 565mm W x 500mm H x 195mm D 550mm W x 335mm H £999.99
Spectal 3000 915mm W x 500mm H x 195mm D 900mm W x 335mm H £1199.99
Spectal 5000 1115mm W x 500mm H x 195mm D 1100mm W x 335mm H £1399.99
Spectal 7000 1415mm W x 500mm H x 195mm D 1400mm W x 335mm H £1699.99
Spectal 9000 2015mm W x 500mm H x 195mm D 2000mm W x 335mm H £2499.99



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