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Woodburning and multifuel stoves

At Fires and Fireplaces we stock a good range of woodburning and multi-fuel stoves. Because of the Size of our showroom in Wiltshire we are able to carry many of our stoves in stock. From traditional to more contemporary styles we are sure we can find a suitable stove for your needs.

We have Live displays of wood burning stoves many can also be multifuel, come into the showroom and see thes fires working


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Cubic Balanced Flue Gas Fire The Cubic Hang on the wall Balanced Flue Gas Fire is a compact u..

Cubic Electric Fire The Cubic Hang on the wall Electric Fire is a compact unit but with ..

  Dovre Sense 203 EXCEPTIONAL FLAMES With a compact body an..

The Enterprise Wall Hung Gas Stove   The Enterprise wall hung gas stove combines two..

Equinox The Equinox Electric free-standing stove is a very modern looking stove with a ..

Equinox Stylish & Sheek The Equinox has an eye-catching Black Glass front wit..

    Landscape Electric Stove 2kW   With c..

Landscape Gas Stove For Conventional Flue or Balanced Flue The Landscape..

Large Icon Electric Stove   The Large Icon Electric stove has an eye-catchin..

Large Icon Gas Stove   The Large Icon gas stove has an eye-catching glass-fr..

Large Icon Woodburner or Multi-fuel Stove The Large Icon stove 8 Kw (Air Vent Required) is av..

H370 Wood Burning Built-in Fires An impressive wood burning fire With its clean, contempo..

H470 Wood Burning Built-in Fires Advanced engineering with beautiful aesthetics Presentin..

H470W Wood Burning Built-in Fires A highly efficient landscape wood burning fire The Lotu..

H570 Wood Burning Built-in Fires A versatile wood burning fire Clean and contemporary, th..

H570T Wood Burning Built-in Fires (Tunnel) An eye-catching double-sided wood burning fire ..

H570W Wood Burning Built-in Fires A beautiful landscape wood burning fire Slightly wider ..

H700 Wood Burning Built-in Fires A perfect portrait wood burning fire With its distinctiv..

Jubilee 10 Wood Burning Stoves Contemporary styling The Lotus Jubilee 10 is a stylish 4kW..

Jubilee 25 Wood Burning Stoves Elegant Aesthetics With an impressive 10kW heat output, th..

Jubilee 35 Wood Burning Stove A Stunning Stove With Endless Potential The Lotus Jubilee 3..

Liva Wood Burning Stove Create an elevated impact with this wood burning stove! Liva wood..

Living Wood Burning Freestanding Fire A luxurious wood burning fire With an elegant round..

Mira 3 & 4 Wood Burning Stoves A timeless wood burning stove The result of Danish tec..

Mira 7 Wood Burning Stove   Stylish stoves combine advanced combustion systems, user..

Prestige Wood Burning Stove A robust heating choice The Lotus Prestige is a recent additi..

Style 470W Wood Burning Stove A highly efficient stove The Lotus Style 470W is an elegant..

  Marlborough Electric Stove A real fire look with the ease of electricit..

  Marlborough Gas Stove Designed to suit your lifestyle The Marlbor..

Medium Icon Electric Stove   The Medium Icon Electric stove has an eye-catch..
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