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Amber Vortex

The Amber Vortex with its stylish trim and modern feel from its Vortex Fret is a high-efficiency glass-fronted gas fire with a realistic coal effect and deep orange glow when burning.

The glass gives the Amber the highest efficiency of the conventional flued fires of 80%-89% still with a maximum heat output of 4kW

Using less gas to create the same amount of heat and making it more efficient even when not in use, but stopping more of your heat from escaping up the chimney

The Amber range is on live display within our showroom so you can see the effect and feel the heat

Amber Vortex


The Amber has a host of control options available. There are standard manual controls which are conveniently hidden behind the ashpan cover at the bottom of the fire. Or the slide control that has a silver leaver at the top right-hand side. This leaver turns the fire on, off, high and low, from a normal standing position. If you’d rather not see the slide control lever, the standard remote control might be your preferred option.

he standard remote control gives you a handheld remote control with volume control style buttons allowing you to take the fire from standby, through the high and low settings and back to standby. Or, for complete control, the thermostatic remote gives you all the features of the standard remote, with the addition of the LCD that shows you the current temperature of your room. You enter the temperature you would like the room to be, and let the fire do the rest. This keeps you in control of a constant temperature and gives you control of your spending.

All the control types can be demonstrated to you within our Royal Wootton Bassett Showroom.

There are a host of imaginative trims and fronts to compliment your room and fireplace, from traditional stove looks to simple chrome, brass, black or brushed steel trim sets.

An impressive 4kW can be achieved from the Amber gas Fire at 80-89% efficiency. This fire is effective as well as captivating.

All the controls are either piezo ignition or battery operated, so they will still work in a power cut.

We can supply only, or supply and install your new Amber gas fire, into your existing fireplace (if compatible) or fit you a new fireplace at the same time to give your living room a brand-new fresh look

The Amber is available as a conventional flue gas fire which means it can be installed into a brick chimney. But for properties without a chimney then we can supply the balanced flued version to be installed into an outside wall.

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