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Spectal Electric Fire Range

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Spectal Electric Fire Range

The Spectal Electric Fire Range is a Realistic compact Electric Fire only requiring 8″ (200mm) of depth

This we can create in several ways, we can install it into a chimney (if there is enough room), or where there is no chimney we can use your cavity wall, we can build a false chimney breast, we can make a fireplace 8″ deep or a combination, the choice is yours

The Spectal comes in 5 sizes

Spectal Square: 24″ x 24″ (600mm x 600mm)

Spectal 3000: 34″ x 14″ (870mm x 360mm)

Spectal 5000: 42″ x 14″ (1070mm x 360mm)

Spectal 7000: 54″ x 14″ (1370mm x 360mm)

Spectal 9000: 62″ x 14″ (1575mm x 360mm)

Spectal Electric Fire Range


The spectal is a spindle-operated Electric Fire with multi-tonal LED’s this helps create its stunning flame effect that you can adjust to create the setting you find the most pleasing

it also has a colour feature where you can change the colour of the fuel bed to Blues, Pinks or Greens if you should wish to do so

the flame effect and fuel bed colours can be changed and you can operate the Heat using the Thermostatic remote control that comes as standard with this fire

the flame effect can be used without the heat then the heat is activated on demand, the thermostatic remote control tells you what temperature your room currently is and you can then tell it what temperature you would like the room to be (if you push the heat button)



Heat Output

Flame Effect

Fuel Type

Fuel Effect



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Flame colour





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