Are you worried about gas prices?


Yes, the price of gas is going up, and it’s unlikely to come down

so how can you change to save money?


We are all guilty of relying on the central heating but is there a better way?


The answer is YES!

You don’t need to fully heat your home to tropical temperatures

Turn down that thermostat, keep your home at a more modest temperature….

You don’t want the bedroom to hot

Why heat that spare room or dining room when you are not using it?

What rooms are you using?... the Kitchen and living room?


The kitchen will heat up by cooking your dinner



So that leaves your living room, there has never been a more important time to upgrade your gas fire

For the optimal in efficient heating you need a glass fronted gas fire with Thermostatic remote control

our Amber & Brimwood range of stranded gas fires or our stunning Morpheus or Azure gas fire range will certainly deliver


Phone us today (01793 854100) and book an appointment to see these stunning gas fires for your-self

and let out staff take you through the benefits


Don’t delay, call today!

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