Slice 5000 Inset Wood Burning Stove (Double Sided)

Slice 5000 (Double Sided) Inset Woodburning Stove

A wow factor woodburner

Slice Double sided can only be installed in a small amount of properties, if you are lucky enough to have one of these properties, please come in an see us as this can be a great feature and a great selling point if you are thinking of moving

Offering the ultimate in versatility, each side of the Slice can be styled with a completely different frame options From the clean finish of the contemporary infinity to the large glass trim, you can achieve a distinctive look in each room, whilst enjoying the rolling flames from the very same fire.

In terms of performance, the Double Sided is matched only by its single sided equivalent, offering a highly efficient firebox with an impressive heat output of up to 9kW.

Whether as a centrepiece to an open plan living space, or as a connecting feature between two separate rooms, the Slice 5000 Double Sided Wood Burner offers an undeniably contemporary aesthetic and the ultimate appeal in dual space heating.


The Gas Version (Double Sided) is on live display within our Wiltshire Showroom

Heating efficiency 75%
Heat output 9 kW
Cleanburn Yes
Airwash Yes
Maxium log length 400mm


Style Size
Infinity 940mm W x 455mm H
Small Trim 1090mm W x 595mm H
Large Flat Trim 1440mm W x 620mm H
Large Bowed Trim 1440mm W x 620mm H
Large Flat Glass Trim 1445mm W x 630mm H
Slender Fireplace 1535mm W x 705mm H

All Sizes are Approx



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