Oswold 3.5 Gas Stove


Oswold 3.5 Gas Stove

Refined styling and efficient heating technology

The Oswold 3.5 Gas stove is a popular model in the range. Combined refine styling with efficient heating technology, this gas stove is available with beautiful tracery window that fit right into your home.

Stove colour choices: Matt black, Matt Ivory or Gloss Ivory.

Oswold 3.5
Overall dimensions 560 x 592 x 447mm (w x h x d)*
Fuel bed Logs
Heat output 1.90 – 3.50kW
Heating efficiency – Conventional Flue 75%
Heating efficiency – Balanced flue 81%
Command controls Manual £0.00
Standard upgradable £200.00
Programmable upgradable £250.00
Suitable for Chimney/Flue Class 1 & 2
Balanced Flue

C/F Matt Black £1799.99

C/F Ivory £2199.99


B/F Matt Black £2299.99

B/F Ivory £2599.99



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