Landscape Gas Stove

Landscape Gas Stove

For Conventional Flue or Balanced Flue

The Landscape Gas Stove can be used with out a chimney with the option of a Large Single dorr or the double door with or without crosses

This stove can deliver the traditional cottage look with the double doors with crosses or the more classical look with the large single door

not only offers you even more choice but also features a highly realistic log effect. Just as importantly, it is a highly efficient room heater with up to 5.3kW of comfort available at the turn of a switch. Furthermore, the Dartmoor is available in both conventional flue and balanced flue versions with a wide choice of styling options to help you tailor it to your exact requirements, including the option of a high canopy.

Fuel Effects Log
Efficiency Up to 82%
Natural gas or LPG Yes
Variable Heat output 2.5 - 5.3kW
Conventional Flue Top or rear exit - 128mm (5")
Balanced Flue 153mm (6") (top exit required decorative flue collar)
Remote Control Options Yes

Styling Options





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