Conway 5 Contemporary Stove

Conway 5 Contemporary Stove

The Conway range is for the true minimalist who likes to see all of the fire and not too much stove

Its simple unfussy looks gives you what you want from a fire box

The covert handle and air controls are visible without being distracting all in all a beautiful stove.... that does not look like a stove


The Conway 5 is the 5kW version, there is also a 7Kw Version (please see related products)

The Conway has all the bells and whiles you would expect from a high-end quality stove such as Air wash, Primary & 3rd Burn technology

The 5kW Conway normally does not require an air vent

For more information please call 01793 854100 or come into our Royal Wootton Bassett showroom


Woodburner £2399.99

Multi-Fuel £2699.99


Optional Foot Plate £240.00



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