Slice Infinity (Frameless) Woodburning Stove

Slice Infinity (Frameless) Woodburning Stove

A beautiful focal point to your room

The Infinity Slice is for those who require minimalist modern perfection. This contemporary fire has a seamless no-frame design, allowing your home's interior to frame and enhance the roaring flames.

 The Frameless Version is available for the Slice 1000, Slice 3000, Slice 5000, Slice 7000, Slice Double Sided

We have the frameless design on display in our Swindon showroom with the Slice 5000 gas double sided

Slice Inset Woodburning Stove

Model Overall Size Heat Output Opening Size
Dimensions - Slice 1000 695mm W x 570mm H 5kw 565mm W x 435mm H x 355mm D
Dimensions - Slice 3000 740mm W x 420mm H 5kw 755mm W x 435mm H x 355mm D
Dimensions - Slice 5000 940mm W x 445mm H 8kw 960mm W x 460mm H x 355mm D
Dimensions - Slice 7000 1330mm W x 450mm H 11kw 1345mm W x 470mm H x 405mm D
Dimensions - Slide 5000 D/S 940mm W x 454mm H 9kw 950mm W x 545mm H x 405 - 415mm D
Heating efficiency 75%    
Flue Size 153mm (6")    

Please Note: Slice 5000 and Slice 7000 will require additional air vents

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