Slice Gas Fire Infinity (Frameless)

Slice Gas Fire "Infinity" (Frameless)

Designer Range

The Slice Range consists of sleek designer landscape fires to help elongate a room

Due to the choice and range of options, the Slice Fires can normally offer something for everyone

Because the Slice range is so vast and versatile we recommend you come into the showroom and we will see if one of the Slice range could work for you as not only can the Slice be Infinity (frameless) within your wall but it can also be integrated into one of our bespoke fireplaces to give you the best of both worlds

Please use the related tab above to see some of the other styles available as standard but please also remember you are not restricted to these options alone

These fires are both designer and practical they are glass fronted Highly Efficient and can also be in balanced flue models to make them Ultra Efficient

The Slice gas fire can come in 3 different lengths (745mm, 945mm & 1335mm) to suit your requirements

If you are on Bottle Gas (LPG) this is not a problem due to the Slice range frequently being fitting in large manor houses the Slice range is available in LPG or Natural gas as Standard

With a very realistic loose log fuel effect the Slice disperses its flame to give a natural look. If contemporary is more your design concept then with the bespoke fuel option you can give your slice that extra special touch (please ask for more details)

The chamber of your fire can also come in the options of Buff, Black or Imperial Black Glass to compliment your other choices

As well as looks these fires come with the latest in remote control technology with the thermostatic digital handset the Slice range fits perfectly with your comfortable level of heat

The Slice 5000 is also available double sided

Fire Efficiency Heat Output Dimensions w x h (mm)
Slice 3000 Glass Fronted Conventional Flue 70% 4.80 kW 750mm W x 430mm H
Slice 3000 Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 80% 5.20 kW 745mm W x 415mm H
Slice 5000 Glass Fronted Conventional Flue 78% 6.80 kW 950mm W x 430mm H
Slice 5000 Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 81% 6.90 kW 945mm W x 415mm H
Slice 7000 Glass Fronted Balanced Flue 81% 7.30 kW 1335mm W x 415mm H
Slice 5000 Conventional Flue will require an air vent
Model Width Height Depth
Slice 3000 C/F 755mm 520mm 320mm
Slice 3000 B/F 755mm 555mm 350mm
Slice 5000 C/F 955mm 520mm 320mm
Slice 5000 B/F 955mm 555mm 350mm
Slice 7000 B/F 1355mm 555mm 350mm


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