Purton Marble Fireplace

The Purton Marble Fireplace

Sophisticated and stylish are words to best describe the Purton Fireplace.

This surround is sure to light up your room with a commanding contemporary feel.

as part of the Bespoke range the Purton Marble Fireplace can be made to your exact requirements

and can also have downlights to iluminate the recesses

Bellow are the standard sizes and prices

available in 3 Cream marbles included in the price, for blizzard white please allow £100.00 upgrate change


Design No Lights Std LIghts

Infra-Red Lights

Purton 48" £1399.99 £1499.99 £1599.99
Purton 54" £1499.99 £1599.99 £1699.99



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