Corsham Marble Fireplace

The Corsham Marble Fireplace

Minimalist version of the Olivia with just a single bevelled edge on the arch and a simple hearth and mantel design.

Can come in a range of 3 different cream marbles

As part of the bespoke / custom range this fireplaces comes in standard sizes of 42", 48" or 54" Wide but can also be made any size required


     No Lights   Sensor Lights Rebate Sensor Lights
 42"  £999.99 £1099.99 £1199.99
 48" £1099.99 £1199.99 £1299.99
 54" £1199.99 £1299.99 £1399.99

Prices For Foirito Italica,Frescatti & Moondance Marble. Blizzard White £100.00 Extra



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