Blenheim Marble Fieplace Black & White

Blenheim Marble Fieplace Black & White

Showin in Blizzard White Marble with a Black Sparkle Inlay on the shelf, body & Hearth.

The Blenheim is part of the Executive Range and the Bespoke range so it can be to your exact requirements our showroom model is shown in 54" wide and with infra-red down lights

also available are:


Coffee Table

Lamp Table

Window Sills

Dining Tables

These can all be made at the same time, from the same marble


The Blenheim comes in a 48" or 54" Width as standard

with a host of lighting choices

Fire shown is the Amber Eden White Pebbles available as Convectional Flue or Balanced Flue.... other fires Available

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