Emperor Infinity Electric Fire

Emperor Infinity Electric Fire


The Emperor Infinity has a look for almost every situation from a traditional looking log fire to the Contemporary Blue Ice fire or a mixture of the two

In like most fires when you have to choose what look you would like when purchasing the fire or buy extra. However the Emperor range we give you the lot

Everything you need to create the different looks will come with the fire in the box to change as you please



Full Remote Control


Crystal Chunks

Clear Pebbles

Natural Pebbles

LED Spectrum

2x 1kW Heater available on Demand


The Emperor comes in 4 sizes

Small:           35½"W   x   15" H   x   10¾ D      £1699.99

Medium:      43½" W   x   15" H   x   10¾" D     £1899.99

Large:             55" W   x   15" H   x   10¾" D     £2199.99

Extra Large:    79" W   x   15" H   x   10¾" D     £3199.99




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