Signature Classic Electric Inset Fire

Signature Classic Electric Inset Fire

The Signature Classic Electric Inset Fire comes complete with a Trim and a Classic Fret in a colour of your choice from:




Brushed Silver

The Classic is LED so no light bulbs to change and the added benefit of low running cost

The Classic come with Manual and Remote control as standard (so you get both)

You can operate the 2kW fan heater from controls on the fire or the remote control, you can also dim the flame effect

Tri-Season Flame Effect: Winter Setting (Orange Flame), Autumn Setting (Multi-coloured Flame) & Summer Setting (Blue Flame)

Fuel Effect Can Be: Coal, Grey Pebles, White Pebbles, Crystal Coals, Bubbles, Moon Rock or Log

The Classic is only 3" deep and also have the option of a 3" (75mm) Black Spacer Kit


For more information and to see the Classic working please come into our Royal Wootton Bassett Fireplaces Showroom


Price £699.99

Optional Black 3" Spacer £75.00 Extra (If Needed)


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