Farringdon Marble Fireplace

The Farringdon Marble Fireplace

A charming focal point to your room.

Subtly embellished by its gently sweeping arch.

48" or 54" Wide at standard however as part of our bespoke range this can be make any size or shape

3 cream marble as standard lighing options available, can also come in White (extra Charge)


    No Lights  Standard Lights Rebate Lights
Farringdon Marble Fireplace 48" £1599.99 £1699.99 £1799.99
Farringdon Marble Fireplace 54" £1699.99 £1799.99 £1899.99

Prices For Foirito Italica,Frescatti & Moondance Marble. Blizzard White (Extra)


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