All about efficiency

We all know that gas prices have going up and they are unlikely to come down so now more than ever it’s important to make sure your gas or solid fuel fire is efficient

Come into the our showroom with the information on your fire (invoice with description, user / installer guide or a photo) and get a free efficiency check

Things you should know!

There are 6 type of gas fire, but unfortunately not every fire is suitable with every home so please come into our showroom with sizes and photo’s for free advice


Gas Fire Types


Approx Efficiency

DGF (Open Fronted)

Decorative Gas Fire


Hot Box (Open Fronted)

Radiant Hot Boxes


Convector (Open Fronted)

Convector with Heat Exchanger


Convector (Glass Fronted)

Convector, Heat Exchanger & Glass


Balanced Flue (Glass Fronted)

Convector, Heat Exchanger, Glass Room Sealed

89% Extra Benefits


Please come into our showroom in Royal Wootton Bassett for your free efficiency check and advice

Solid Fuel (Real Fires) work out similar to the gas fires when it comes to efficiency please see the table below

Real Fire (Solid Fuel) Types


Approx Efficiency

Open Fire (Open Fronted)

Tapered or rectangular Basket or grate


Wood Burner Stove (Glass Fronted)

Free-standing Wood Burning Stove


Multi-Fuel Stove (Glass Fronted)

Free Standing Multi-Fuel Stove


Inset Stove (Glass Fronted)

Inset Wood or Multi-Fuel Stove



As you can see there are real benefits to installing a free-standing or Inset stove

Coming into our showroom and see the Grates & Stoves for yourself and talk to our knowledgeable staff who can give you the pros and cons for you to make an informed decision that’s right for you

Electric Types


Approx Efficiency

Electric Fire

Inset or Free-standing Electric Fire


Electric Stove

Free-standing Electric Stove


There are no waste products of combustion with electric so this enables it to be almost 100% efficient

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