Stormy Weather to HIt the UK 2019 / 2020

Are you prepared?

If Snow or High Winds brings down Power cables how would this effect you ?

You might have gas central heating but please remeber this is run by electricity so will NOT work in a power-cut

However a new Gas Fire or Stove will !

Come and see our extensive range of high efficiency gas fires and wood or multi-fuel stoves

Use your new fire as a supplement to your central heating by boosting the temperature in your living room while keeping the rest of your property at a more modest temperature this will save on your overall heating costs

Remember not all gas fires are the same, as everything in life. You get what you pay for!

Don't be fooled with the false economy of cheap fires that you can't afford to run, most of our fires will give you up to 4kw of heat (Approx. the equivalent of two 4ft x 3ft double radiators) for as little as 19p per hour

Don’t delay come and see us today


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