Medium Azure Infinity (Frameless) Gas Fire

The Medium Azure Infinity Gas Fire

The Medium Azure is as the name suggests the medium point between the Small Azure & the Azure of the Azure Range giving you a bigger fire and smaller back panel

The Medium Azure still gives you the designer feel and lends itself to our bespoke range

If you have had a normal portrait gas fire in the past and really want a sleek fresh look then the Medium Azure offers a great combination with our bespoke range of Fireplaces

we can create the illusion that the fire is floating weightlessly in your custom made fireplace to perfectly compliment your room and design styles

The Medium Azure comes with the stunning Imperial Black Reflective glass version this stylish addition creates the illusion that almost doubles the flames it also comes with a thermostatic remote control that allows you to keep the room at your desired temperature effortlessly

Available in Natural Gas & LPG

Realistic Log Effect

AAG (Anti-Glare Glass)

Maximum Heat OutPut 5.3kW

Over 75% Effecient (D)

No Mains Required

No Flue Liner Normally Required








5 Year Warranty


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